Wrapping Paper Cabinetry and Organization in Phoenix, Arizona

Holiday gift wrapping is so much more fun with a wrapping station! 🎁 Your hobby room should be your happy place, somewhere you can escape to and feel inspired and energized! A disorganized and cluttered space can have the opposite effect, preventing you from doing whatever it is that brings you joy. At Space Solutions, we want to provide you with a custom-designed hobby room so you can get your creativity and productivity flowing. We can create work stations, storage spaces, display areas, and anything else for the following kinds of enthusiasts:

Artisans – Jewelry, Leather, Candles, Soaps, Beer Brewing

Artists – Painting, Sketching, Sculpting, Photography

Collectors – Memorabilia, Dolls, Pottery, Books

DIY-ers – Furniture Upcycling, Home Decorating

Health and Wellness Gurus – Yoga, Meditation, Weights, Cardio

Model Makers – Planes, Trains, Cars, Legos, Robotics

Musicians – Playing, Listening, Songwriting, Recording Paper

Crafters – Scrapbooking, Calligraphy, Lettering

Party Planners -Gift Wrapping, Cookie and Cake Decorating, Floral Arranging Tech Creators –

Vlogging, Podcasting, Gaming, Social Media

Textile Crafters – Knitting, Sewing, Weaving, Crocheting

We are here to help you design a functional and beautiful hobby room that fits your individual needs. We offer quality craftsmanship at affordable prices in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas. Call Space Solutions at (602) 298-6956 and speak with a member of our professional staff! Check out our work at: