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Storage Cabinets for Phoenix Area Garages

While our cabinets can be any dimension, we make a concerted effort to design within standard sizes to ensure complete flexibility and maneuverability of all shelves and components. We offer a variety of Cold Rolled Melamines along with a furniture-grade 3/4″ Thermofuse Melamine material that meets the Environmentally Preferable Product specification: EPPS CPA 3-08. This requires strict adherence to using 100% recyclable material in addition to maintaining formaldehyde emissions below 0.18 ppm.

Benefits of Garage Organization:

Getting organized is always a chore, but the benefits far outweigh the time and energy it takes to put everything in its proper place. Some of the most notable benefits of having an organized garage include:

  • Increase Work Space – Tools, equipment, and supplies may not be all that big on their own, but as a whole the lot of them can take up considerable space. Garage storage systems from Space Solutions can get tools off your work stations and into perfectly organized cabinets and drawers, providing you with more room to work.
  • Save Time When Working – Whether you’re working on a vehicle or repairing your child’s skateboard, you can waste valuable time working in the garage if you can’t find the exact tool you need for the job at hand. A garage storage system can shave considerable time off your handy-man tasks by making sure that every tool is easy to find and within reach.
  • Add Value to Your Home – Room upgrades almost always add value to a home, and upgrading your garage space with a custom storage system is no different. Stylish garage shelving and cabinetry from Space Solutions can be a great investment should the time come when you decide to sell your home.

Other custom features we provide with our garage designs:​

  • Our cabinets are constructed trim-less without face frames. This European trim-less design helps eliminate issues involved with wear and tear allowing your cabinets to function properly throughout their long life.
  • We use matching edge-banding on all trim and door edges.
  • We offer the strongest shelf in the industry: 3/4″ commercial grade particleboard with Baltic birch hardwood supports running the entire front and back lengths of each shelf. This shelf is fully adjustable with our industry standard 32mm line bore system.
  • We use European style concealed hinges with 3/4″ doors that create a clean, polished look for your garage.
  • We offer a variety of handles and hardware finishes to choose from.
  • We offer a variety of durable counter top surfaces to suit your needs.
  • We offer a variety of finishes for you to choose the perfect color and look for your garage.
  • We offer Peg Board, Omi Track Systems and Slat-wall options for wall mounted tools and workbenches.
  • We offer unlimited accessories for your garage so everything can be put into place properly.

Overhead Storage Systems

What happens when you need additional storage space in your garage, but there just isn’t enough room to fit your cars plus more cabinets? Maybe you have additional items that you would like to store up off of the floor or have downsized recently and are just out of storage space? Regardless of the reason, the next place to look is up!

Space Solutions offers the perfect solution to your problems. We offer commercial grade overhead storage racks that are custom-designed to fulfill your overhead storage needs. Let us create a solution to maximize every inch of your garage!

Our standards are:

  • Finished bottoms on all overhead cabinets
  • Choice of handles on all doors and drawers
  • Molding that is wrapped around the entire cabinet with mitered corners
  • Cabinets that are caulked and sealed
  • Spotless clean-up after installation of your cabinets

If you want a beautiful and functional garage, contact Space Solutions to schedule your free garage storage consultation. Contact us online or call us at (602) 298-6956 to get started on your custom organization system from the leading home storage company in Phoenix.


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