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Organize Your Home Office in the Phoenix and Scottsdale Area

Working from home offers a great opportunity for real comfort and efficiency. Unfortunately, if your home work space is too casual or isn’t properly set-up and organized, working from home can impede productivity and cause you to fall behind. Space Solutions can help you design a comfortable and attractive home office customized for your specific work activities, work habits, and preferences. We offer a wide range of finishes, hardware, and accessories to deliver a home office you will be proud to call your own.

Important Questions When Designing Your Home Office

Designing the most functional home work space starts with a few very important questions. Here are some of the questions our team will go over with you when designing your personalized home office:

  • What type of work will you be doing in the space?
  • How often do you work from home?
  • Will you have clients visit your home office?
  • Will colleagues and/or employees visit for collaborative work or meetings?
  • How much and what types of documents and/or materials will be stored?
  • Do you use any specialized office equipment?
  • When will you be doing the bulk of your work at home?

Maintaining an Organized Work Space

How much time do you think you waste searching for documents every day? After we complete your personalized home office and install the best storage solutions for your needs, it’s up to you to maintain an organized work space so you make the best use of your valuable time. These tips will help.

  • Have a space for “unprocessed documents” where you can keep bills, receipts, memos, etc. that you can’t immediately address but can’t afford to misplace
  • Spend at least five minutes each day sorting, filing, shredding or recycling the documents on your desk
    Position the equipment and supplies you use most within reach
  • Partition your work life from your home life to keep your home office free of children’s toys, dirty clothes, sports equipment, and anything else that can distract and disorganize

ROI of a Home Office Storage System

You may think you’re getting along well enough with that single filing cabinet, but the stacks of paper on your desk and the clutter around your office begs to differ. If you’re not entirely convinced that you could benefit from a home office storage system, consider the returns you’ll enjoy on your investment in the form of these benefits:

  • Increased Productivity – A disorganized workspace can hinder productivity and cause you to fall behind on your work or personal responsibilities. Our home office storage solutions are customized to your work activities and habits to help you work more efficiently and achieve greater levels of productivity at home.
  • Less Stress – If you’ve ever spent an afternoon digging through paper stacks in search of an outstanding invoice or sifting through drawers looking for a pen you know how frustrating a disorganized workspace can be. Our home office storage systems will help cut back on these types of stresses by making sure that everything is in its proper place.
  • More Room for Bigger Ideas – When inspiration strikes, you shouldn’t have to replace your thoughts with concerns about the location of office supplies or important documents. Your ideas also shouldn’t be overwhelmed with looming stacks of papers and other office clutter. Space Solutions can provide you with a spacious and well-organized office to ensure plenty of room for your big ideas.

We provide complete home office designs that incorporate features such as:

  • Office desks
  • Filing cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Extra storage space
  • Adequate space for technology

Best Home Office Colors

If you’re serious about renovating your home office, consider the psychological impact of color. Certain colors elicit emotional and physical reactions and responses, so you should choose a color palette for your home office very carefully. Blues, greens, and violets evoke feeling of peace and relaxation. Yellow grabs attention and evokes optimism. Red is energetic and stirring, while shades or purple have been proven to stimulate the imagination.

Whether it’s a small nook or an entire room, the experts at Space Solutions can transform your home office into the most functional and attractive space imaginable. We also offer custom closet storage solutions to help you organize more than just your desk. Call us at (602) 298-6956 to schedule a consultation with one of our home organization experts.