Spotlight on Pantry Storage

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Spotlight on Pantry Storage

The best addition to a well-appointed kitchen is a well-organized, well-stocked pantry. If the pantry in your Phoenix home is small or outdated, it’s time to consider upgrading it. Kitchen cabinets only offer so much storage space, especially in a modern home with an open concept kitchen design. To make the most of your kitchen space, consult with a business that will design a custom pantry tailored to your personalized specifications.

If your home has a closet-sized pantry, you might want to start by adding new shelves so you can keep your food storage containers organized. For kitchens without that much space, you can invest in pull-out shelves that allow to fit more items in a narrow space in your kitchen. For walk-in sized pantries, consider combining high shelves with lower-level pull-out drawers. Sliding shelves are also useful for making the back of the pantry accessible.