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High-end garage floor coatings Mesa – making your garage floors always looking new! Looking to boost the overall appearance of your garage? You’re probably tired of looking at your dirty and ugly garage that you’re finally convinced that it needs a bit of sprucing up. Or maybe, your garage floor looks too old that it is affecting your home’s resale value. Regardless of the case, garage floor coatings Mesa can help boost the aesthetic appeal of your home and increase its value.

New Garage Floor Coating Trends you are Sure to Love

Perhaps, you think that something as solid as garage flooring would not have changing trends. Well, there is a bit of truth in this regard. Floors are usually built to look amazing for a lifetime, so whatever garage floor you select will have a quality that it timeless and that you will love for many decades. However, when you add coatings to your garage floor, the story changes a bit. It is still worth learning about the different types of garage floor coatings to help you make an informed choice, especially if it’s your first time installing new coatings and you don’t know exactly the best one to choose. Space Solutions is your reliable provider of garage floor coatings Mesa. They offer only the best products to meet your needs. The services and products they provide will make sure that your floor will always be protected against any kinds of damage-causing elements, giving your garage a sophisticated look that will stand the test of time. Here are some of the garage floor coating options you can consider for your Mesa home.
  • Metallic Flooring. If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing garage floor coating options, metallic finishes are a great product to consider. They are decorative and provide high levels of durability. These materials can give your home or business garages a fantastic look.
  • Solid Color. Are you searching for a durable garage floor coating but on a tight budget? This unique system is a practical way to add functionality and beauty to your garage. It comes in different standard colors, so you can choose the one that complements your home or garage color. It is very easy to clean, prevents concrete dusting and can improve the appearance of your floor. It is often used not only in garages, but also in driveways, home interiors, warehouses and more.
  • Granite Chip Flooring. This material comes in a variety of chip sizes, colors and blends. It consists of a combination of vinyl chips that are multi-colored, embedded into a resinous based coat and top coated with polyaspartic or polyurethane top coats. The effects produce a remarkable non-skid surface.

Invest in Quality Garage Floor Coatings Mesa

Garage floors are durable and last for a long time. But despite their timeless quality, garage floors wear over the years. Though concrete is an incredible surface for your garage, proper garage floor coating can surely add more years to the longevity of your garage floor. Investing in Garage Floor Coatings Mesa not only increases the value of your property, but also eliminates the frustration of having to constantly clean your garage. So, it a garage floor coating in Mesa worth your investment? If you are still unsure whether or not you really need this service, here are some reasons why investing in quality garage floor coatings makes a lot of sense.

It Transforms your Garage into a More Functional Space

Fresh coating on a garage floor eliminates the unsightly effects of working in the garage. It also makes it a great place to spend your day. You will feel refreshed and a clean surrounding makes your mood light. Your garage will also stay clean, so you can use your garage space for various purposes.

It is Easy to Maintain

Garage floor coatings will make your garage floor remain aesthetically pleasing, as it will make your floor resistant to peeling and chips. Coated garage floors are also resistant to moisture and stains. Cleaning your floor becomes a lot easy and hassle free. There is no need for you to get involved in any rigorous cleaning process every day due to the nature of garage floor coatings Mesa.

It increases your Floor Longevity

Garage Floor Coatings will make your garage floor become more resistant to things and objects that come in contact with your floor. Quality coatings will not peel, wear or chip with constant use. They can also withstand hot equipment, rolling pipes and falling wrenches. It increases your concrete floor’s durability and ensures that you can use its surface for a long time, even for decades. Whether you have a twenty-year-old concrete garage floor or a brand new one, a quality floor coating can cover up any imperfections and small cracks in the concrete and prevent damage. Every area of a home serves a purpose. When it comes to your garage, it is not only used to secure and protect your car from any outside conditions. It also acts as store to keep your valuable items that do not belong to your home. Therefore, you want to make sure that your garage is functional and of good quality. A quality garage floor plays an important role to achieve this. Maximize your space by applying quality Garage Floor Coatings Mesa. With proper garage floor coating, you can preserve the aesthetic appeal of your floor and ensure that the concrete lasts for a long time. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your garage is equipped with a long-lasting concrete floor that will continue serving you for decades.

Trust Space Solutions for your Garage Floor Coating Needs in Mesa

If you don’t know your option or you’re looking for a company to entrust your property, don’t hesitate to contact us at Space Solutions. With knowledgeable and professional staff, we are able to address any issue you have to increase the value of your home and improve the functionality of your garage. We will also help you organize your home with incredible storage solutions.