Organize Your Child’s Closet!

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Organize Your Child’s Closet!

Closet organization for your children is easier than you think.  Fall is upon us!  It’s time to start swapping out those summer clothes and getting ready for our fall wardrobe.  Don’t dread this job, dive into it and embrace it!  Creating an organized space for your child will help you and them be more productive and efficient.  Let Space Solutions help!  We can create a solution for any space, large or small, and it is more affordable than you think. We specialize in all home organization storage needs including closets.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

Organizing Tips:

  • Start by organizing what you have.  Make sure everything is washed and in one place before you get started.
  • Empty all drawers and the closet and create piles.  These may include a donation pile, a pile to pass on to another family, a trash pile, a summer clothes pile and fall/winter pile.  Separate what you have.  Place shoes in one area, pj’s in another, shorts, shirts, hanging items, winter clothes, scarfs, mittens etc.
  • Once you have a good idea of what storage areas you will need, you can strategize on how you will organize it in the space that you have.  We can help create storage areas for you as well.
  • We recommend doing this while the kids are out or at school!  Some kids have a difficult time parting with some items, but they typically don’t notice when they are gone.  Out of sight….out of mind.
  • Once you have a plan, place all items back and throw away your trash bags and take your donation bags to their destination.
  • Enjoy walking into a peaceful and organized room!  Your kids will be thankful too and you will be amazed at the difference it makes for everyone every day.