Factors to Consider When Planning a New Closet

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Factors to Consider When Planning a New Closet

Although many home improvement projects yield enjoyable results, few are as satisfying as completely remodeling your own closet. When you are consulting with a professional in Phoenix about closet design, always remember that the closet’s first function is to please you. Also, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to convenience—your closet can incorporate both beautiful design and useful storage solutions. As you think about your closet design, consider these factors:


Open vs. Closed

Generally, closets fall into two broad categories: open or closed. The difference is simple: closed closets are hidden behind a door of some kind, while open closets are not. Often, larger houses with larger master bedrooms will have separated, open closets, and smaller townhouses or condos are more likely to have open closets. When you are designing a custom closet, though, you get to decide whether you want a closed closet or a more open, boutique-style arrangement.

Shelves vs. Clothes Racks

Some people prefer to fold most of their clothes and place them in neat stacks to keep their closets tidy, while others like to hang as many as possible for easy access. If you like to fold your clothes, install extra custom shelving in your closet. This will also help you maximize your space If you prefer to hang your clothes, on the other hand, invest in extra sliding clothes racks or rods for hangers. There are also special racks you can install to hold folded pants or shoes.

Access vs. Storage

There are some items, such as seasonal winter sportswear or cold-weather footwear, that you can keep tucked away and out of sight in the closet for most of the year, especially when you live in Arizona. There are other items, though, such as socks, undergarments, shirts (and in Phoenix, shorts and bathing suits) that you want out and accessible year round. When designing your closet, it’s best to have mix more accessible shelves and racks for the clothes you frequently wear with storage spaces that will keep your seasonal items tucked out of the way.