Desk Organization Tips

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Desk Organization Tips

Space Solutions’s custom storage solutions can help you get organized, but we also want to help you stay organized. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite desk organization tips to improve your efficiency, productivity, and convenience.

  • Keep your home phone on your dominant side to avoid reaching across your body and across the desk
  • Maintain a paper-sized space on your dominant side to increase the speed and comfort with which you can review, sign, and organize papers
  • Limit desk supplies to those that you use every day; less frequently used office supplies should be kept in a drawer or storage cabinet
  • Keep all important papers in folders, but only keep relevant and/or pertinent folders on top of the desk

Space Solutions has helped thousands of homeowners in Phoenix get organized, and we can help you conquer your home office. Contact us online or call us at (602) 457-3730 to learn more about our home office storage solutions or to request your free quote.