Avoid Closet-Sharing Conflicts

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Avoid Closet-Sharing Conflicts


Whether you share a closet with your significant other, or your children are sharing a closet in their bedroom or playroom, the space can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to maximize closet storage space. Here are some creative storage solutions that will help you improve your closet organization and closet design in Phoenix.

Install Extra Shelving Wherever Possible

Shelves are the least expensive and most convenient closet organizer you can use. Install shelving in your closet wherever possible, whether it’s over the closet’s clothes bar, along the closet walls, or stackable shelving or shoe racks on the closet floor. Closet shelving is perfect for storing boxes of shoes, accessories, and seasonal clothing that would otherwise be vying for space amongst your everyday clothes. If your children share a clothes closet, you can use color-coded shelving to differentiate between each of their belongings, and they can use their shelf space for toys and books as well. Shelving is also the perfect storage solution for toys, books, and craft supplies in kids’ playrooms, as it takes the pressure off of using a closet as the only storage space.

Consider Investing in a Wardrobe

If your closet is just much too small for shelving or other closet organizers, a wardrobe may be the perfect storage solution. One person can use the wardrobe as his or her closet, or you can store season or special occasion clothing, shoes, and accessories in it. This will free up space in your bedroom closet, allowing you to install a closet organizer or investigate other closet storage solutions. Wardrobes can also be used in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms to store art supplies, books, and toys.

Investigate Creative Closet Storage Solutions

If you’re really tight on closet storage space, you can investigate creative storage solutions, such as customized closet organizers. You can even install shelving in your bedroom or kids’ playroom, and store shoes or accessories in colorful fabric or plastic boxes so that they won’t be taking up valuable closet space.