Storage Tips for Your Child’s Room

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Storage Tips for Your Child’s Room

Children’s bedrooms have a tendency to become cluttered and messy almost immediately after cleaning them. You can minimize clutter and help your child stay organized with creative storage solutions for his books, toys, art supplies, and clothing. If everything has it’s own special place, it will be much easier to encourage him to keep his room and closet organized.

The most convenient storage solution in kids’ rooms is ample shelving. Install wall shelving wherever possible, and paint each shelf a different color. To minimize clutter, store smaller items in colorful fabric or plastic storage boxes that match the colors of the shelving of their room. This will help your child remember exactly what goes where. You can also utilize storage cabinets for toys, craft supplies, and books.

If your child’s closet is too small to provide much storage, consider getting a small wardrobe for his room. A wardrobe can be a great storage solution for bulky clothing, such as winter coats, snow suits, and rain gear that is not often used, but takes up valuable closet storage space. You can also install a closet organizer to help him keep everything in its proper place.