Read This Before You Organize Your Garage

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Read This Before You Organize Your Garage

Reorganizing your garage allows you to find space-saving garage storage solutions in Phoenix that can make your garage more useful and accessible. You can utilize custom garage shelving units and garage cabinets to maximize the floor space and minimize clutter. Before embarking on your garage makeover, read these helpful garage storage tips.

Sort Through the Items Currently in Garage Storage

Most people use their garage for storage of items that are no longer used, are not needed, or don’t fit in their home closets. Before developing a new garage storage system, you need to sort through the items that are currently being stored in your garage. You can donate, sell, or give away any household items that aren’t used regularly or needed. Arrange the remaining items into groups based upon how often they’re used, or what they’re used for.


Make Use of Custom Garage Shelving Units

Once your items are sorted, you can investigate custom garage shelving units, which are available at stores that specialize in closet organization and storage solutions. You can maximize garage floor space by utilizing your garage walls to your advantage and installing wall shelving as high as possible. Store items that are rarely used on higher garage shelves, or on shelving units designed to hang from garage ceilings. Freeing up your garage’s floor space will give you room to work on projects or bring your car into the garage.

Find Unique Storage Solutions to Manage Clutter

Garages are often home to collections of small objects that can easily contribute to clutter or become lost, broken, or impossible to find. You can find garage storage solutions that allow you to organize small objects and manage clutter. Utilize wardrobes or garage cabinets for storage of smaller household items. Organize the items in cabinet drawers or storage boxes by type or purpose. This will protect items from becoming lost or damaged, and it will make it much easier for you to access them when needed.