Organizing Tips for Your Closets

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Organizing Tips for Your Closets

Since few people outside the family ever see them, closets are often the most untidy area in a home. Most people only go into their closets a few times a day, and many get dressed for work in a rush and put away laundry in a hurry. You can find many stores that sell closet organizers in Phoenix, but the best way to get organized is to remodel your closet so it suits your personal needs. Find tips on how closet organization below.

Sort Your Wardrobe
The best way to ensure that you can always find what you are looking for is to sort your wardrobe. First, separate bottoms from tops. Then, separate the bottoms out into pants and shorts (and, for women, skirts), and the tops into formal and informal shirts (for men, button-downs, polos, and t-shirts). You can also sort by purpose. To do this, separate your clothes, for example, into work clothes, evening clothes, weekend clothes, and exercise clothes.

Invest in Storage
Many non-custom closets only contain a bar for hangers and a shelf above it. At the very minimum, to maximize your space in such a closet, you will need to invest in a set of storage boxes to separate items that you don’t hang up and don’t fold, such as shoes and ties. For even more space, consider having wall shelves installed. You should also reconsider shoe storage, and perhaps dedicate a shelf or cabinet exclusively to footwear.

Consider Going Custom
The best way to keep your closet organized the way you like it is to invest in a custom closet remodel. This will allow you to add the features you will use the most. For example, you could add a pull-out rack that only hangs pants, at knee-level, to increase your vertical hanging space. If your closet is large enough, you can add a central island, much like a kitchen island, that has a countertop where you can fold clothes and many drawers to hold socks, undergarments, and accessories.