Getting Ready for a Closet Makeover

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Getting Ready for a Closet Makeover

If you’re designing a custom closet near Phoenix or Scottsdale, or if you’re just interested in closet organization, you may be interested in a closet makeover. A well-designed closet offers storage solution options, customized closet organization, and will incorporate your own personal aesthetic preferences and habits into the design. Continue reading for tips on how to get ready for your closet makeover.


Create an Inventory of Your Closet Contents

Having an inventory of your possessions is valuable for many reasons. It is necessary for insurance purposes, as you will be able to easily tell if something is missing, and what the replacement cost of the item would be. It is also a useful tool when you are organizing your closet, or trying to find something specific, as an inventory list can include information on where each item is located within your closet. It can even include helpful photos of each item.

Organize Items Before Designing Your New Closet

If you group similar items together before you begin designing your new closet, you’ll get a sense for the volume of like items you have. For instance, you may notice that you own more shoes than any other clothing item or accessory. This will allow you to design a larger and better storage solution for your shoes in your new closet. This will also give you a great opportunity to rediscover items that have been forgotten because they’ve been buried in the back of your closet out of sight for years.

Be Aware of Your Space

Effective closet organization relies heavily on the amount of space that is available and how it will be used. Having a realistic understanding of your space will help you plan storage solutions, cabinets, and clothing racks. Make a diagram of your closet, and then take a look at your closet inventory. Determine where each clothing item or accessory will be best placed to maximize your efficiency and comfort. Try to find creative, space saving storage solutions to make your space seem larger and more comfortable.