Easy Way to Organize Your Closet

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Easy Way to Organize Your Closet

Even if your closet is large, it can become overrun with an excessive amount of clothes and clutter if you let it get out of hand. Because they lack the designer glamor that’s generally reserved for bathrooms and kitchens, closets in Phoenix and Scottsdale are often neglected and tend to be valued strictly for their practicality. However, with a little gumption, the right equipment, and some organizational skills, you can turn your closet into a beautiful and functional space that you can be proud of. Here are some easy ways to organize your closet and to make it work for you.


Go Through Everything and Learn to Let Go

Closets can harbor a lifetime of clothes if you allow them to. A cluttered closet is ultimately an inefficient closet. One of the most effective ways to organize your closet is to go through everything you have, piece by piece. Start by clearing them all out from your closet, spreading your clothes across your bed, console tables, and floor. Donate clothes that are either too big or too small for you, and those pieces or outfits that you haven’t worn for over a year. Remember to try your best to be realistic. Get rid of items that you have outgrown and really have no need for anymore.

Rejuvenate Your Space

You don’t need a lot of money to spruce up your closet. Once you have emptied it, assess the area. Is there a lot of vertical space that’s underutilized? If so, install some shelves or clothes hooks. Do your closet’s walls look dingy? Rejuvenate them with a coat or two of paint. Freshly painted rooms are visually appealing and give the illusion of being voluminous, especially if you choose a light and airy color. Also, don’t forget to switch out sagging rods or dated hardware, if applicable.

Upgrade Your Closet’s Storage Potential

Consider upgrading your closet by investing in a new closet-organization system. A custom closet offers an effective and stylish solution for your organizational woes. Use your budget as a guide, and take the opportunity to add some or all of the following closet accessories: custom shelving, a center-island folding area, pull-down rods, shoe shelves, tie/belt racks, jewelry drawers, or built-in laundry hampers.