Easy Steps to Follow to Organize Your Garage in 2016

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Easy Steps to Follow to Organize Your Garage in 2016

We hope that you were able to tackle your pantry and food storage areas! Now it’s time to begin on the garage. We have devised some easy tips for you to follow get your garage organized before the heat comes. Get a jump start now because before you know it, summer will be here. The garage is often the area of the house where all of your items go that don’t have a home. Let’s change that and have you reclaim your space from the outside in.

* Don’t purchase bins or organizing containers until you have completed these steps. You will have a better idea of what you have and won’t spend extra money on items that you don’t need. Don’t label anything until you know where items will go.

  1. Plan enough time to tackle this project and have another area to move your items to. We recommend finding a beautiful day where you won’t have to worry about your items getting rained on.
  2. Empty your garage completely. Back your vehicles out of the garage create enough work space.
  3. Begin categorizing your items together. Some Common Categories Include: Sporting Equipment, Gardening, Tools, Holiday Items including Seasonal Decor, Luggage, Camping Gear, Automotive etc.
  4. THROW AWAY or DONATE items that you won’t use! It is liberating to get rid of your junk!
  5. Once you have grouped your items, begin thinking of a good layout for a garage storage system. Call Space Solutions for a COMPLIMENTARY in-home estimate. You can also consider installing some sort of storage system that works for you. You will be surprised at the beautiful products and affordable prices that Space Solutions offers. The addition of garage cabinets adds value to your home as well as keeps you organized.
  6. Consider areas that can be displayed well with peg board, slat wall or with other unique hanging accessories. Overhead storage is often a great solution when you need to make more room. Space Solutions offers all of these accessories.
  7. Once you have your garage cabinets or storage system installed, now it’s time to begin organizing. Clear, sturdy bins are recommended to you are able to see the contents inside. Labeling also helps.
  8. Organize and relocate items to their new location within the garage.
  9. Always try and put things away immediately after use to keep your garage organized.
  10. Consider applying an epoxy floor to add the finishing touch to your garage.