Designing a Home Office

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Designing a Home Office


Do you have an extra room in your home that you’ve dreamed about turning into a home office, but you don’t know where or how to start? Fear not. Designing a home office is not a daunting task if you keep in mind that the foundation of the space is its functionality. A respectable office should include these basic things: a workspace such as an adequate desk, comfortable seating, bookshelves or other shelving units, and storage and filing cabinets in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Furthermore, a good design for a home office should address issues specific to home offices such as noise insulation, physical partition that effectively separates work and home, and privacy.

Know How You Will Use Your Home Office

First and foremost, you need to establish why you want to set up a home office. By asking yourself these following questions, you can get a good idea regarding the scope of your project. Will this space function as the home base for your business or a satellite workspace of your job, or as an office in your home for the sake of being an office? Will clients or employees be visiting or using the space? Will you need an area for meetings or conferences? What types of equipment are you planning to utilize?

Keep Your Home Office Organized

Your productivity is only as good as how organized your workspace is. Once you’ve decided to construct an office within your home, be sure to invest in lots of cabinet space and in effective storage solutions. Offices tend to generate a lot of paperwork, which requires filing and storage. Supplies and equipment also need organized spaces in which to be stored. Consider installing wall-to-wall, built-in cabinets and bookshelves. Be sure to design a home office that caters to your needs.

Be True to You

Your home office should be a balanced reflection of your professionalism, personality, design aesthetic, and job needs—which, incidentally, may not be cohesive with your personal life and home’s overall design scheme. Remember that your office is an entity unto itself. As such, you need to focus on how to best display that. Choose paint colors that enhance the space and its mission. And use a combination of framed photos and prints to decorate the room in a tasteful, inspiring, and uncluttered way.