Choosing New Closet Doors

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Choosing New Closet Doors

The right closet doors help you get more storage and add some more aesthetic appeal to a room. If you are in the market for new closet doors in Phoenix, use the following guide to choose some that will give you the perfect balance between style and function:


Decide If You Even Need a Door

If you invested in a customized closet organization system, you might not need a closet door to optimize your space. Cabinets, drawers, and cubbyholes make the closet look more put together so you do not feel like you have to hide it from view. Leaving off the doors is a smart way to make the most of these closet designs to get even more storage space inside of your home. You can even use decorative curtains to add a little bit more aesthetic appeal to the room.

Think About the Kind of Door You Want

If you decide that you do want to install new closet doors, you should think about the different kinds of doors so you can choose the one that will best meet your needs. Traditional hinged swinging doors open out into the room. Sliding doors move horizontally across a track. Bi-fold doors give you access to the entire closet without taking up as much space as the hinged swing doors. Think about the size and style of the room before deciding which kind of door you want.

Choose a Style that Enhances Your Space

Closet doors come in a wide range of styles and colors to give you the selection you need to find some that complement your interior design. If you are trying to build a modern interior design, you might want to consider choosing a closet door made from some kind of metal. Mirrored doors can make a room look larger and brighter. If your closet doors have handles, you should also pay attention to the hardware to make sure it optimizes the aesthetic appeal of the entire closet.