Pantry and Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Pantries bring back memories ………. going in and seeing all of the pantry shelves filled with different items, some being too high to reach and others stacked on the floor.  Moving into an older home with both a pantry and a laundry room,  I was going to attempt to redesign the pantry shelves and laundry room storage on my own. I soon remembered I would be living here for quite some time and should really invest in multi-functional pantry shelving and laundry room cabinets that blended in smoothly with the rest of the house.  Searching for answers on the Internet, I found that Space Solutions was the best choice for pantry design and laundry room shelving. Their design team created a layout putting everything within easy access and would continue to be functional even if I decided to change a few things.  Space Solutions has a team of trained designers who work with individuals creating versatile pantry shelving featuring pull-out pantry shelf baskets mixed with customized adjustable pantry shelves.  Beautifully styled cabinet doors  and laundry room counters, in colors that blended with the style of the house itself, transformed the room from drab to stylish.

Check out Space Solutions’ Gallery shots at, and see for yourself how much more useful your laundry room and pantry can be.  With Space Solutions you can have a place for everything, with everything in its place, for that put-together look.  No more closing doors to hide the disorganization – Space Solutions will help you add value to your home and envy among your friends.

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